I'm Getting A PS3!!!

I've been playing video games instead of drinking, and since I'm getting closer and closer to finishing Super Mario Galaxy, I've been thinking about what to do next.

I'm pretty darn particular about my video games. The most important thing is that they're cute-- I have no interest whatsoever in the blood & gore shoot-em-ups. The Wii is good that way, since most games fall into the "cute" sector, but relative to other systems, there aren't as many total games available. And there are some games primarily intended for elementary school kids that are too simple even for me, and I'm not a particularly skilled gamer. However, there are a few party games for the Wii that I am eager to play, but I put those on my "Christmas List" (I think it's really silly for an adult to make their list, but my family insists on buying me presents and it's just more convenient for me to comply with their wishes and make a list so they don't have to guess, and I don't have to fuss with returning/selling/giving away if they guess wrong).

While I was perusing reviews of the best videogames of 2008, I kept coming across the game Little Big Planet. It looks really cool, and meets my criteria for being cute yet sophisticated.

The problem is that it's only available for the Playstation3, and it's an exclusive title so it won't ever be available on any other systems (like my Wii). I totally want to play that game, but there was no way I was going to pay $400 for the PS3 system. Give me a break, $400 for a videogame??

I dutifully scoured all the Black Friday ads, looking for a deal, but the @#$@ price fixing by Sony meant all retailers could do was throw in extra items in a "bundle" but not reduce the price of the system. But no one was bundling with the game I wanted, so it was useless to me.

Over Thanksgiving I learned that my brother already has a PS3, and convinced him to loan it to me until next April (I figure I'll be bored with the game by then, so I won't need the system anymore, and can go back to Wii games). So I thought my problem was solved.

But I just found an even better solution!! When I went back on the Sony site today, I saw that they just started a new promotion, where you get $150 credit off your PS3 when you use your Sony credit card. Whoooo! I think $250 is a much more reasonable price for a videogame console, so I signed up. I got instantly approved for the credit card (no surprise), and ordered my console and game soon after I got the confirmation email. I might still have to jump through some hoops to get the credit (fill out a form or something, I don't know, I think instructions will come with the card in the mail). What I want is in stock, and the estimated shipping date is tomorrow. I hope I get the game later this week!!!

Terry just left town this morning, so if the game comes before he gets back, that would be cool so I can very un-self-consciously spend 18 hrs a day playing it. I feel a little sheepish sometimes spending so much time on the sofa while he's cooking, cleaning, and generally taking care of my every whim. But when I'm home alone, all I really have to do is feed myself, and I'm happy to rely on the prepared foods from Whole Foods so all I have to do is pause the game and put something in the oven for twenty minutes whenever I get hungry.

I am beside with excitement! This might even motivate me to stop playing Super Mario Galaxy (or any other videogame) until my new system arrives, and actually get some work done around the house. So I won't feel guilty spending five days straight playing Little Big World when it arrives. I've been spending a lot of time playing the Mario game, one reason I haven't been posting much. I don't turn my computer on, I just turn on the Wii and there goes the evening. I played some Guitar Hero III over the weekend, too. I hadn't played GH in quite awhile, so I was doing OK considering how out-of-practice I am. Nevertheless, I could only jam for about an hour before my fingers got tired. No such problems with Mario. Actually, my arm WAS getting tired playing Galaxy, but I solved that problem by putting a pillow under my arm so I could point the Wii remote at the screen at the proper level without fatigue. Talk about lazy, huh? I totally relate to the fat humans floating around in their superchairs in the film Wall-E. If I could run my entire life from the sofa, I would. Since I started trading, I practically do. You see why my daily walks are so necessary! Terry and I both agree that we'll never buy a treadmill, part of the benefit of our walks is that it gets us out of the house; without our daily walking routine we could easily stay indoors for days and days at a time, not even getting out to walk to the car like most people who commute. Walking in the rain isn't even so bad, as long as it's just kind of misting and we don't need umbrellas.

Today is sunny, I thought about calling my neighbor to see if she wants to walk with me since Terry is gone, but it's already getting kind of late (after 2pm) so maybe another day. I'll take today's walk alone. I don't know how far I'll go, maybe I'll be too bored to stick out the complete distance. I have an old mp3 player somewhere, I should dig that out, put on a book-on-tape (or whatever they're calling them when they are digital and not on tape. . .) to listen to. Or maybe some "This American Life" podcasts or something. I don't listen every week, so there are plenty I haven't heard. But today, just me and my thoughts. Which will probably be about how much fun I'm going to have when my new gaming system arrives!!!!