Christmas Card Photo

I want to get my Christmas cards mailed out in December this year, so I made Terry pose with me for our photo this morning before he left for NJ. He's not coming home again until he finishes getting the condo ready to put on the market, and I didn't want to wait that long to start the process.

Fortunately, we'd already decided on a "pregnancy pose" to use, so it was just a matter of going out to the field for a nice background and taking a few shots with the camera's auto-timer, so it was quick. Of course, NO photo session is quick enough for Terry, he's such a baby it's all I can do to get five or six photos before he starts complaining.

But I think we got one that turned out well. It was extremely overcast, foggy and practically drizzling, so the light was perfect. That helped a lot, I didn't have to worry about us facing a certain way to avoid shadows or anything, and all the colors were nicely saturated. The main reason we had to take extra shots was that my sweater kept riding up, sometimes in front, sometimes in back. It was comical the way I had to quickly run from pressing the camera shutter button back to where Terry was standing, pulling my sweater down as much as I could on the way, then making Terry grab the front and hold it down until the camera flashed. With Terry yelling at me each time not to run so fast in the wet grass, but what could I do? I couldn't find the longer sweater that would have matched and prevented the last-minute stretching with each shot, but fortunately I did find this substitute at the bottom of a drawer-- it's way too tight to wear in real life, but since we wanted to emphasize the bump it worked fine for the photo.