Half a Walk

I didn't think I'd be able to fit in a walk at all today, since I left home at 11:30am and didn't have any free time again until nearly 4pm. But I had been feeling sort of bad all day, and I made up my mind that at the very least I would walk to the mailbox and back (which would be a half-mile walk). But once I got to the mailbox, I decided I could go a bit further before dark, so I continued to the bend in Jones Mill Road. The walk was making me feel better, the fresh air was doing me good, and it wasn't too cold out (well, it wasn't windy at any rate, I suppose it was rather chilly). I would have liked to have done the entire three miles, but I didn't want to get caught out on the road after dark. I'm even a bit edgy getting caught out there around twilight since the visibility isn't great around those blind curves (duh, they wouldn't be called blind curves if there was good visibility, now would they?) and I really don't want to get run over by an idiot teenaged driver who is going too fast on the road. Most of the adults travel at a reasonable speed, it's primarily kids that take the road too fast. It's not like there is some huge risk, since it's a rare day when more than five cars pass me in an hour. For example, today I got out of the way for two cars, and my walk lasted 30 minutes since I only went a mile and a half. Most days it's just one or two cars unless we walk around lunchtime, then we might get one or two more (often then, it's just the same two cars passing us the opposite direction on their way home from getting lunch in Crozet).

What was my point? I really miss Ritalin. It's like my fingers continue typing while my mind is on something else entirely, then I have to look and see what I typed and don't remember why I was on that topic. Sigh.

Half a walk is better than no walk. I should resolve at the very least to walk to my mailbox and back even if it's raining or dark (since there's no reason to fear traffic on my own driveway). Maybe allow myself one day off per week. But since I like my walks, it's not as if I have to drag myself out there every day. I did in the beginning, but as Terry noticed when we were out on Saturday, the walk is much easier now than it was when we first started. It not only seems faster, we have actually shaved about five minutes off the walk, since we're walking at a slightly better than 3mph pace.

I don't have to leave the house again until this weekend since I bought groceries for the week today. So I should have plenty of time for all the walking I want. Tomorrow I'm going to make some chicken stock, and then some chicken & rice soup. That's my only goal for the day, so I'm looking forward to it. Much less stressful than having to make it to various appointments on time all over town like today.