I used some leftover Breakfast Porridge from yesterday to make this recipe from the cookbook. Fried Mush is easy, just add a beaten egg to the leftover porridge, then fry spoonfuls in butter. Serve with maple syrup or honey.

I used maple syrup on top, and also added a little salt. The "mush" was vaguely pancake-like, but only vaguely. I liked the flavor, but the presentation wasn't as appealing as a beautiful stack of golden pancakes. But since I don't usually eat pancakes because they've got little nutritional value, in my opinion, it's not as if the fried mush is exactly an inferior substitute. My choice is not between fried mush and pancakes, but between fried mush and regular oatmeal. The fried mush probably would have been more delicious if I had added my raisins and walnuts like usual, and perhaps some cinnamon. The recipe definitely doesn't call for adding anything to the porridge except the egg, but since the recipe for porridge does call for adding things, I think it makes sense. So I'll try that next time. With Terry out-of-town I have leftover porridge, so I can alternate days porridge/fried mush. When Terry's back we'll probably just have porridge, except when we want some variety like on the weekend, and then I'll make the mush.