Raw Milk Is Illegal?

When I went online to research where I could get my hands on some raw milk, I was extremely disappointed to discover that it is illegal to buy raw milk in Virginia. That's such @#$#@$. It's one thing to not serve raw milk in the schools to unsuspecting children, but adults should be able to drink what they want.

The only way I'm going to get raw milk is if someone gives it to me, or if it's from my own cow. There used to be a farm in North Garden that sold shares of dairy cows so people could get raw milk, but they had a fire in their barn a few years back and lost a lot and there hasn't been much on their blog in a long time so I doubt they are still in business. And so far none of the area CSAs offer any raw milk. Harumph.

So I spent much of the day, while my chicken stock was simmering (when I set a simple goal of one accomplishment per day I've found I can more readily stick to it than if I have a whole list), looking into dairy cows. Despite the fact that Terry has already told me that he will NEVER approve of us having our own cow. But he's got a bad memory, I think he'll forget his edict over time. But it would be easier to just purchase a cowshare from a nearby farmer, if only there were any dairy farmers in western Albemarle!!