I'd Better Clean Up Tomorrow

While I was pretty darn successful meeting my goal of making both chicken stock and chicken rice soup today, the kitchen is now a disaster area. I'm going to just leave it all and hope the cats clean it up overnight, I left some chicken bits out for them as an incentive.

Unfortunately, the cats have never done any chores for me before (other than catching a mouse that got into the house a few years ago), so I seriously doubt they're going to come through for me tonight. But stranger things have probably happened somewhere, right? Barring a magical Disney-esque turn by my felines, I'm just going to have to be prepared to clean up the kitchen first thing tomorrow, so I'll be able to take a break before it's time for me to get back in there and make mushroom soup.

I've also got to do laundry. I've got one more load to wash that's already in the laundry room, then an entire hamper that's filled up in the bedroom in the meantime. Then once I'm done with that, I think I'll be mentally ready to deal with the "special problem" items that need to be treated for stains, etc. Now that I have a utility sink in my beautiful new laundry room, it's easier for me to fill a tub especially for soaking things.

And I've got to get out to that compost bin. Part of the problem in the kitchen is that I have a little compost bucket that needs to be periodically transferred to the big outdoor bin. Periodically meaning ideally about every other day, but it's been filling up for nearly a week so my compost kitchen bits are starting to fill up into other containers and it's getting to be a real mess. I should get housegoats. They'd just eat all the kitchen scraps and I wouldn't have to go out to the compost pile. Goats can be litter trained like cats, right?