Cooking Area Not As Bad As I Thought

Alas, the cats had not cleaned up the kitchen for me overnight. I awoke hungry, as usual, so just pushed the dirty pots & pans aside and made my porridge first. This time I added the nuts and raisins to the entire batch of warm porridge instead of just my current serving, so they'll be already in there when I make my fried mush tomorrow.

It didn't take long to fill the dishwasher and clear off most of my food prep area. There are still a few large pots to deal with, but I'll clean them after my coffee break.

What I did notice, was that there was a whole bunch of stuff cluttering the kitchen island that is not my fault. Terry is using the kitchen as a staging area for stuff he's been bringing back from the NJ condo, and while most of it is in a large pile on the floor on the other side of the kitchen, some of it is on the island. I'll either put the items away today, or just consolidate them into the bigger pile in order to clean off the island. That will give me a much larger working area for food prep, and make the kitchen look neater in general so I won't be overwhelmed by the mess of it all.

Unfortunately, I've also found a few more Halloween decorations that Terry didn't see when he was gathering items for me to wrap and store in boxes, so I'm just putting them in a pile awaiting his return. The boxes are pretty heavy, so I need to wait for him to get them down off the garage shelves so I can store them. I've got another week now to clean the downstairs properly (it hasn't been dusted since sometime in October) before I put the Christmas decorations up on Gaudete Sunday.

I'll also scope out a nice tree from the yard for Terry to cut down for us. The tree we found our first year here was pretty much a Charlie Brown sort of sparse scraggly pine, but we've got plenty of 5-year old trees bow that we've been chopping down just to clear off the land here and there, so I'm more confident I'll be able to find an attractive tree for us. I might even go with a cedar this year. They're a little harder to hang ornaments on, but they sure are pretty. I don't think I've got photos of the house and yard in my gallery, maybe I'll put the slideshow online today. I've been reading about the DeMark indicators already for 30 minutes this morning, and the recycle qualifiers are confusing enough that I'm already starting to come up with excuses to put it aside and not figure it out. . .