Waiting Til Tuesday >:-(

I finally got the shipping notification for my PS3, and it's not scheduled to arrive until next Tuesday! Wah! I don't want to wait another four days! Oh well, I guess before they ran the credit special I was willing to wait until after Christmas, so I shouldn't be so impatient now. But I've already got it into my head that it's going to arrive soon, and I want to play!!!

The silver lining is that Terry will have brought the projector back from NJ by then, and I can just start playing in full HD if I get an HDMI cable and something on which to mount the projector, and maybe a screen (although I read that blackout curtain fabric makes a great screen and I happen to have some leftover from the TV-room curtains I made five years ago. . .you never know when your closet full of extra fabric will come in handy). And if I remember correctly, Crutchfield is having a local-appreciation sale in Cville this weekend, so I might be able to score a projector holder from their outlet. At any rate, it gives me incentive to actually do the trigonometry to figure out the ideal placement for the projector given the height of the sofa and the room size upstairs. Yeah, I know most people would just measure to the center of the room and slap it up there, but I'm far more particular. I can be obsessive about optimization, particularly when it's just a job I have to do once (that is, once the projector and speakers are mounted in the perfect spot, I never have to think about it again, and will reap the visual and acoustic benefits for years to come).