I can't give a meaningful review since I didn't make the soup according to the directions. Actually, I did follow the directions for the chicken soup, but I skipped a step when making the broth, and it shows.

I should have taken the time to cool the broth, wait for the fat to congeal at the top, then skimmed it off and disposed of it. But I was hungry, and in a hurry, so I just made the chicken soup with broth hot from the stockpot.

But now my chicken rice soup is kind of fatty. It hasn't affected the flavor as much as the mouth-feel. I would have preferred it had I de-fatted the broth, but what's done is done. The recipe itself is fine, although the consistency came out more like a chicken rice stew instead of soup, and I'm not sure if that's because of the fat in the broth or if the exact kind of brown rice one uses affects how much broth is absorbed. Regardless, I'll certainly make this recipe again, but I'll try to restrain myself from using hot broth in the future.

I love how simple the recipes in this cookbook are, I bet that even Terry would be able to make most of the dishes successfully. I've made up my mind that I'm definitely going to buy the cookbook (since I'm just using a library copy right now).