Online Shopping Surprises!

One of the fun things about having ADD is that I totally forget when I've ordered things online (and only once in all these years have I ordered two nearly identical products because I forgot one was on the way). Today the UPS truck showed up and I was baffled since my PS3 won't arrive until Tuesday (and that will be via Fedex anyway), and I just placed an order for the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and two floor lamps for the sewing room last night so it's too soon for them. So I eagerly tore open the package to discover that I got some new clothes!!

I got a non-underwire bra since my nice ones are not comfortable if I'm just slouched on the sofa all day, and all my old non-underwire bras are size A or B and are absolutely, positively inadequate at this time. I also got a long-sleeve brown V-neck knit shirt, since I'm distressed to find that all of my old reliables are now way too short, and while I don't need more sweaters, per se, I am more comfortable in long sleeves than short around the house in the winter.

So that is where my day has gone (oh-- I forgot the big time-consuming aspect of the day was covered in my earlier post about the stroller, refer to that). I have not done any more laundry, I have not cooked anything new, I have not cleaned or vacuumed anything, and it's nearly 5pm. I didn't even go for a long walk today, even though it was sunny. I guess I'm tired walking by myself, and Terry is returning in two days. I will however drag myself to the mailbox like I did yesterday, so I will get another 1/2 mile walk regardless. I'll probably do it in my pajamas like I did yesterday, too. No one sees me on my own driveway. I do, however, put on shoes so I don't tear up my slippers on the gravel.

And I should really resolve to do some laundry when I get back from my short walk. If you see my Wee Me in the same outfit for several days at a time, it is unfortunately not necessarily because I simply haven't had the time to update it. When Terry is out of town, I don't get myself all gussied up for my own benefit. Not that I always look great every day when Terry is home, but it's far more likely that I will at least bother to get dressed and brush my hair.

On the flip side of the that, I really do tend to look very put-together the day or two I go "into town" since I do like to look nice when there is a chance of getting compliments. And I'll put forth a little effort if someone is coming to visit me here, but that's not often since Michelle started taking a night class and has less free time, and my neighbors got out of the habit of stopping by after I was gone for the entire year of 2006, and much of 2007. . .

Ech, gotta go, it's already sunset and I've got that long walk to the mailbox and back I'd prefer to finish before dark.