Getting Ready for Little Big Planet

I played some Guitar Hero with Michelle this afternoon, then some Super Mario Galaxy. After she left, I loaded my solo game file and played until I got another star. But I had to try a few galaxies before I could win one. Now that I know a new game is on the way, I seem to be losing focus on my old game.

I signed up for a Playstation network account so I could explore more the of the Little Big Planet (LBP) website. I watched the tutorials that explained what buttons to push to make Sackboy move and jump, how to access the poppet menu, etc. Then I watched videos of user-submitted levels. I think I'm starting to understand how they're created, and I'm already planning my first level. I figure I'll have to play through a bunch of levels (there are around 50 built into the game, I think) to really get a better idea about it all.

I also did the math to figure out the best placement for the projector. At first I'll just have it on the same stand we've been using in NJ, and that will give us an 80" screen in VA (39"h x 70"w). And if I eventually wall-mount it (it has to be nearly 40" below the ceiling) then the screen size will increase to 90" (44"h x 78"w). Either way, it will be larger than we usually watch it in NJ because in NJ we've got molding on the wall that limits the usable screen area to around 35"h x 63"w.

I'm so tired of waiting until Tuesday! I want to play my new game NOW! Maybe I'll buy the Tetris Party Wiiware tonight. No, I'll wait, I'll wait. I'll play some more Goo World, though, at least until SNL comes on. I haven't been watching it much this season, but maybe John Malkovich will make it better.

At least I can keep busy for the next two days while I wait for my new game. Tomorrow I'll go to the early (well, early for me) mass so I'll be home by the time Terry returns from NJ, and I'll use the time after church to do a little cleaning up in anticipation of his arrival. The downstairs is pretty well picked up now, I've been putting things away now and then all week, but it needs some serious dusting and vacuuming. And hopefully I'll have time to clean the upstairs bathroom as well, it needs it.

And Monday I'll be out all day-- I've got a doctor appointment before lunch, then errands (including picking up an HDMI cable to connect the PS3 to the projector, then mass (feast of the Immaculate Conception), then Bunko at 7pm. Then Tuesday I'll continue getting the upstairs lounge ready (hooking up the projector & surround sound) until Fedex arrives with my package. I might put up a few hooks so I can drape a blanket over the windows to black out the light. The windows currently don't even have shades on them. Not a great situation for a media room with a projector, I know. But I'm not sure how I want to solve the problem, so a temporary solution will have to do.