I have been so unmotivated that past few days. I haven't been sleeping well, which is unusual. For the past two days now I woke up around 5:30am and couldn't fall back asleep. So I'd get up, eat, read, and then sleep from 7-9:30am or so. I used my sun lamp as a reading lamp yesterday evening, that might have thrown me off. I've got to remember to only use it first thing in the morning.

I've been playing a lot of my new game, Little Big Planet. It's pretty fun, and cute, but not quite what I expected. For some reason, finding all the hidden bits isn't as compelling as it is in the Mario games. And I don't like the music as much as the music on the Wii games. I haven't started building my own levels yet, but I started on the tutorial for that, that looks like it will be fun.

I can't believe how warm it is today, I got hot wearing my cape on our walk today. Terry and I decided to go to New Jersey next week. We've got some dumb state inspection thing at the condo on the 17th (they're checking to make sure all the smoke detectors work, front doors close automatically, etc.) and I thought we might as well deal with it now since the reschedule date might be even less convenient since we don't get to choose it, and there is a $5,000 fine for noncompliance.

We'll probably select a realtor then, also. Just a few more walls to paint and it's ready for market, we'd like to get it listed after the holidays. Hopefully I'll be able to see some of my New York friends I missed when I was up there in September.