Loud Drive to NJ

We took the truck to NJ instead of our sedan. We had to bring a few things up we thought would be helpful for showing the apartment, and we'll probably bring stuff back to VA, and the truck does give us flexibility to bring furniture if we want.

But it certainly made for a louder trip. We had to turn the radio way up to hear it over the road noise. And Terry just can't stand silence, so for the entire first part of the trip when we couldn't get much radio reception I had to listen to Terry babbling about nothing. Seriously, he reads the signs out loud and then nonsense words and stuff. I was glad when we got to the DC area and could listen to the radio again.

I was also tired again today. It's been a whole week now I haven't slept well, and it makes me grouchy. And I just realized I won't have my sun lamp up here all week, so I've got that working against me also.

We don't have a TV here, and the projector is in VA now also (and broken-- something went haywire when we used the HDMI input). So Terry and I watched a couple episodes of House on my laptop for entertainment this evening. It's kind of strange with the condo so empty. It's still got construction debris from the kitchen renovation that needs to be cleaned up, but that shouldn't take long, it's just little scraps of things and a lot of dust. I don't know how Terry could paint with so much dust all over the place, but everything looks ok by lamplight. I'll have to wait to see how it looks in the daytime, but it's probably fine.

We've got one more room to paint, and the trim in two rooms. I'm eager to get the paint on wall in the bedroom, not only because we need to do it, but also because I'm considering using these colors upstairs in our VA house. I am in the process of converting the trim in that house to "White Dove" as I repaint rooms now (previously, I just painted the walls carefully and left the trim with the original white paint from when we bought the house). But I'm testing out "Navajo White" on the walls here. I hope it's got enough of an earthy tone to it to make it interesting. I have eschewed white walls since I stopped renting, oh, twelve years ago when I painted every room in my first home a bright happy color. By the time I moved to NY I was more into muted shades and dark jewel tones. In VA I've been a bit more eclectic, although I did repeat one of my favorite colors from NY in the front hall. But anyway, now I think I'm coming around to wanting some white walls. But not horrible rental-apartment white. A more complex white. Most likely a combination of whites.