Too Much Oatmeal, Or Too Much Time?

I went off the oatmeal last week and have been eating bagels for breakfast each morning. But by Monday I realized the folly of that choice when a troublesome digestive issue returned. The oatmeal really is what is keeping me healthy. Yesterday Terry and I went to a diner so I could have some oatmeal (we don't have any kitchen plates, anything since the remodel). Today I ate leftover Chinese food for breakfast, but I wanted oatmeal for lunch. That was not to be, since Terry wanted to swing by our favorite bagel place on the way home from getting the stroller. It's also MY favorite bagel place (Wonder Bagel, on Jersey Ave) so I was fine with that. But I did insist on oatmeal for dinner.

After our 3-mile (we're approximating now, since we haven't measured any routes in NJ, we just walk for an hour) walk this evening, we stopped by the grocery store and got microwave-safe paper bowls, oatmeal, milk, raisins, and plastic cups (I need a cup to measure).

I filled the oatmeal to the first ridgeline on the cup, then added two parts water. I microwaved for five minutes at 50% like usual. But when I went to get my oatmeal, I was dismayed to see that it overflowed (overflew?) all over the inside of the microwave.

The bowls are indeed smaller than the ones I use in VA, but I also used a smaller portion of oatmeal. The uncooked oatmeal in water looked like it was taking up the same percentage of the bowl's volume as when I use the larger bowls back home. So it surprises me that it would overflow. I think the culprit is the amount of time the oatmeal was cooked. It also might be the bowl, since Terry used a different bowl than I did in VA and his oatmeal came out all wrong when he did five minutes at 50% power. I think that is essentially a microwave issue also, but I don't know if the exact shape of the bowl matters or what the bowl is made from.

I don't know enough about how microwaves work to know why slow-cook oatmeal has to go five minutes at 50% power and instant oatmeal goes for 90 seconds on high. And I don't know why the same food set for the same time in the same microwave cooks differently in different kinds of bowls. So I don't really know how to adjust the settings to improve my oatmeal outcome here in NJ.

Tomorrow I will try four minutes at 50%, I guess, and see how that goes.