2008 Summary

In lieu of a letter with the Christmas cards, I'll just make a summary post here to my blog so people can get caught up on our lives without reading hundreds of individual posts (although I've linked to the detailed posts when applicable). . .

December 2006 - Sungard acquires Terry's company, AFS
December 2006 - Terry starts working for Sungard.
May 2007 - I decide I'm switching careers from accounting to stock trading, and start studying technical indicators and trading systems.
Summer 2007 - Terry gets a new position during a corporate reorganization; he is responsible for product in offices in New York, Montreal, Salt Lake City, Irvine, and Sacramento.
Summer 2007 - Terry begins frequent travel, usually about four days per week, two to three weeks per month. I go with him when he'll be in one city for several days.
May 2008 - Work begins on our attic renovation; we built a recording studio & laundry room over the garage, and turned a guest bedroom into a sewing room.
June 2008 - Terry retires from Sungard.
August 2008 - We find out I'm pregnant!
October 2008 - The attic renovation is FINALLY over. Just in time to think about turning a different guest bedroom into the nursery we never thought we'd need.
November 2008 - We actually start telling people that I'm pregnant.
December 2008 - We finish up our NJ condo renovation so we can put it on the market in early 2009.

We're getting ready to settle into life on the farm. Our baby is due in April, and Terry is going to start an orchard and small organic garden this spring-- we hope to have some herbs and vegetables to sell at the local farmer's market next year. I've been trading stocks (actually mostly ETFs) since last fall and have managed to avoid losses due to the market downturn (flat is the new up!). I really enjoy the job, and only have to put in from 10 to 20 hours per week of actual research and trading.

Also, here are the email addresses we are both using now, please discard all previous email addresses. Both Terry and I are using, his address there is terrence.thorsen and MrsThorsen is mine.