Superfast Walk Today

Today Terry and I finished our walk in about 30 minutes instead of an hour, he needed to get home quickly so I walked as fast as I could. The bad part wasn't being out-of-breath (that mostly is a problem for me up hills), but my leg muscles got really tired. And walking fast, I could really feel where the baby is in my stomach. It's big enough now that when I was walking fast, I could feel it sloshing back and forth with each step. Kind of like I swallowed a tennis ball. It's lower in my body than I imagined it.

Yesterday I took some photos of our walk, here's a link to the slideshow. Our Jersey City walks are not like our VA walks since we have nearly unlimited options about where to go, there are so many streets. At home in VA, we've got one road, take it or leave it. Today's walk was different than the slideshow walk, but I'm not going to take photos every day. Yesterday I made a point to walk past the places we go to all the time. A lot of my friends have no idea what my neighborhood in NJ is like, it's not exactly a hot tourist destination. So here's a glimpse.