Too Late To Review CPNO SEC Filings

Terry suggested I track some energy firms since investing in them can confer certain tax benefits. Copano Energy LLC (CPNO) looks like it's closest to bottoming out at this point, but before I buy I want to understand their financial statements. I want to be sure that the flow-through tax preference items will be beneficial for Terry and I in particular.

I haven't looked at financial statements since I put the AFS/Sungard financials to rest in January 2007. I've been looking through CPNOs SEC filings this evening, but UGH. I'm so out of that financial analysis mode, the numbers mean little to me at a glance. It could be that it's just too late in the evening for me to concentrate on it. I think I'm going to ask Terry to go through it all and to analyze the tax effect of their distributions. I don't think he'll get it exactly right, but at least it will narrow down the details that I need to review.