Friday In The City

After staying in the apartment most of the week, I finally went into the city yesterday. I got a Friday afternoon appointment for a mani/pedi at the 57th St Bliss (I had only been to the Soho location previously).

It was a miserable trip out there-- while the bus only took the usual 35 minutes despite the horrific weather (sleeting over several inches of snow), the slog from the subway to the salon was a mess. The sleet was melting the snow, but there was still enough snow to block all the drainage grates, so at every intersection there were puddles several inches deep extending three to four feet out from the curb. There really was no alternative but to step in them. My boots managed pretty well in the snow in NJ and until I got into the city, but they're not so waterproof that I could walk through puddles and stay dry. But since I was on my way to the salon, it wasn't so bad since I was out of my wet boots and socks in a few minutes.

The service took a really long time (I remember them being much more efficient down in Soho), but I didn't care too much since I wasn't meeting my friend for dinner until after 6pm. By the time I left, the weather had lightened up a bit, but it was still pretty miserable out there. I had forgotten how filthy everything is in the city. Everyone wears black for a reason, you know, and it's not just because it's slimming.

I had a really nice visit with Randi; her husband took care of her son so we could have a nice girls' night out. Not that we were knocking back martinis like the good old days, but it was nice to go out to dinner in the village like when Terry and I used to live there.

When we left the restaurant there was a big commotion on sixth avenue, several firetrucks, plenty of rubber-necking pedestrians, the smell of something burning, and a very strange loud intermittent clicking or clanking or thudding noise. We didn't like the looks of that scene, so rather than try to navigate through the crowd we walked the long way around up fifth avenue back to Randi's apartment. I just did a quick web search to see if I could find out what happened there last night, but I could find nothing.

Terry was supposed to meet us for dinner, but he didn't bother to start painting until after noon (I saw that there was no way he would finish this week if I didn't help, so I painted all the trim in the foyer and most of the trim in the hallway before he got up). Since he was still painting at dinnertime, he didn't want to drive into the city to pick me up later in the evening (the original plan was that I would go in via bus in the afternoon, but he'd drive in for dinner so we could both drive home) so I just took the PATH then cabbed it from Journal Square (he was going to pick me up at the station, but it was cold and I didn't feel like waiting for him).

The weather was a drag, if it was nicer I might've done a little window-shopping if nothing else, but overall it was a good day.