Unusually Productive Saturday!

Terry and I were unusually productive today! We started out early, meeting with a realtor at 9:30am. We signed the papers, gave her the keys, and she said she'd have the first open house the Sunday after New Year's. She said the media had overblown the housing problem (at least in this area), and while the prices had come down from where they used to be, things were still selling well enough, especially since the rents around here are still high.

As soon as she left, we drove into the city for brunch at Mesa Grill with our friends Nora and Trey and their youngest son, Timothy, who just turned one. Their older two kids are in Baltimore for a few days, so they're enjoying a relatively quiet weekend. It was surprisingly fun to hang out with another pregnant woman (Nora is expecting her 4th child in February). I don't know why, but I just felt kind of special, the two of us with our round bellies out and about. There is a slight chance they'll leave NY for Baltimore, at least for a few years, if Nora wants to pursue a job in the new administration. That would be cool-- it would be easier for us to visit each other, that's more of a weekend trip than the trek all the way between NY and VA. But those two really love the city, so I don't know how serious they are about moving.

After brunch, Terry and I took a quick trip out to Brooklyn to pick up an umbrella that goes with my new stroller that the old owners forgot to give me when I was out there earlier in the week. Then we returned to the city and stopped into the shop Babesta, where I was able to get a small little piece that was missing from the bassinet part of the stroller. The part had to be brought over from another location (they're in the process of opening a big new store) and I saw a darling mobile while I was waiting. It was more expensive than I thought a mobile should be, but the longer I was in there, the more I liked it. I hadn't seen one like it before-- the little animals hanging off it were weird in a very cute way, and there were many little mirrored circles in the part that would be above the baby. And there was no plastic (I've got this thing against plastic baby stuff lately). Before I left, I made an impulse purchase and got the mobile. Terry was curious what was in the big box I threw in the back of the truck, but he said he was really happy that I'm finally getting into buying baby things.

We had talked about this before, how I really don't like a lot of baby things, and was really cringing at the thought of having all that stuff in my house. We both suspected that the way around that might be to shop in the Manhattan baby shops instead of the suburban outposts in VA. I guess that really was it. I hate suburban baby things, not all baby things. Which isn't surprising, since I dislike suburbs with a passion (single-family home suburbs, that is-- I like the urban neighborhoods just outside the city, although true city dwellers call them suburbs). So I'll have a rural baby, with either rural baby things or urban baby things.

I think I want to avoid plastic bottles also, and go with glass bottles. I don't know if I can get them in Charlottesville, but the beauty of modern life is that all I need is the phone number of anyplace in the country that carries them (or a website, even easier), and can get whatever I want shipped directly to the farm. The UPS driver is our most frequent visitor.

Cindy has been making a list for me of all the things I MUST have for the baby, then the list of things that are helpful but not essential, also things I say I don't want now, but will probably change my mind about later. I hope she'll have the lists done before I return to NY in February, so I can do the bulk of my baby shopping then. One of the benefits of having the baby now, instead of eight years ago like I wanted, is that our buying power is far greater now than when we were first married, so I can indulge myself and get whatever high-falutin' baby stuff I want.

After that we had to return to the apartment, since it still needed to be cleaned thoroughly before we leave tomorrow. With that out of the way, all that will be left for us to do is rent a little UHaul to bring home our bed, dresser, fatboys, and a few other odds and ends once we have a contract. I am optimistic that we'll have this place sold before April.

Luckily for me, Terry has been super-responsible about getting the apartment ready so I don't have to worry about it. All the cleaning and paint fumes aren't good for me anyway, so he's scrubbing the tub as I type. I helped out by ordering Christmas presents for all his nephews, steplings, and parents this afternoon, so they'll arrive by next Wednesday. Some years I make him buy the gifts for his own family, but he's been working so hard on the condo I was happy to give him a break.

I'll do Christmas shopping for my own family on the 23rd. I can usually get it all done in a day, and not having to ship items is a big help since I can push it off until the last minute. . .