My Stomach Is Losing Strength

I have a stomach-ache! That NEVER happens to me, so I am distraught. We don't have any milk or eggs in the house, and I didn't feel like eating oatmeal and coffee without milk for the second day in a row. So I wrapped up stacks of the bourbon balls I made last week for the neighbors (the recipe calls for letting them rest for a week before serving), and there were six left over. So I ate them for breakfast.

Ordinarily, Terry is the one who gets a stomach-ache from eating too many sweets. I can generally knock back dozens of cookies without suffering-- it's just that I very rarely choose to do so since I don't have a severe sweet tooth. I'm usually satisfied with just a small taste of something sweet (although I do prefer a little bite of something sweet daily instead of just once or twice per week).

So when I decided that a half-dozen bourbon balls would be the appropriate serving size for an admittedly less-than-healthy breakfast, I honestly had absolutely no reason to think it would actually bring me harm. Sure, they probably don't have as many nutrients per calorie as my usual oatmeal, but they do contain raisins and nuts, and that IS like my usual breakfast.

But now I am back in bed and not feeling so great. I can't believe how my own stomach has betrayed me. The stomach that is usually so reliable, so impervious to abuse, such a source of comfort to me, knowing that I could subsist in the wild eating leaves and small wild animals in an emergency since I can digest anything. I am really beside myself that I've seemingly lost this ability.

I sincerely hope that this is a pregnancy-related affliction. I noticed months ago that I could no longer tolerate the slightest bit of unfreshness in dairy products. Normally, if I had a sip of slightly soured milk (when it doesn't yet smell bad, but the taste is slightly off) I would grimace, dump out the milk, then move on. But since I got pregnant, if I actually ingest even a sip of questionable milk, I immediately run to the bathroom to throw it up. I quickly learned not to test freshness by actually drinking the milk. But even when I just get a little on my tongue without swallowing I dry-heave if it's bad.

But the bourbon balls were delicious. Not a hint of badness. So why is my body punishing me for eating them now? If this newfound sensitivity goes away postpartum, I guess that will be fine. My deeper fear is that this might be age-related, for which there will be no reprieve. When I lost my ability to drink way too much without getting a hangover, that never came back. And I lost the ability to eat whatever I wanted without getting fat many many years ago. I just never expected to lose the ability to eat whatever I wanted without getting SICK. What is this?!? I feel like a Hero during the eclipse, not knowing if my powers are gone for good, or just for the duration of the eclipse.

Your stomach is no longer

Your stomach is no longer yours! the baby dictates what he/she eats, not you. That is why you have different tastes and cravings. Baby is telling your body what your body needs to sustain a healthy child. So your stomach didn't betray you, your baby owns it :-) and your body is serving your baby. Hope you are feeling better.

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