Annoying Center Channel

My brother brought the new Batman movie in blu-ray for us to watch here at our parents' home. But I don't think the center speaker channel is configured correctly since the sound effects are loud but we can hardly hear the dialog. It probably wouldn't be as bad if their living room with the TV wasn't adjacent to an open kitchen where the noise from the dishwasher was fairly loud. Half of the family is still downstairs watching the movie, but I gave up after the second scene because the problem with the sound was so distracting. I'll just watch the movie sometime at my own house, where we have the sound system set up the way I like it. And we can close the door to the kitchen so we don't hear any noise after dinner.

I was going to read a book upstairs, but the bass sounds from the movie are coming up through the ceiling, so I can't focus. So I think I will watch the episodes of Gossip Girl that I missed a few weeks ago-- Terry has already seen them so I've needed to find some time to watch them when he's occupied with something else anyway.