The Usual

I was about to title this post "Hard To Get Motivated" but it seems to me like that is the title of many posts already, isn't it?

Yesterday was relatively productive, I got up and out of the house since I had an appointment at noon, then grocery-shopped before returning home. I'm starting to get tired in the afternoons again (my 2nd trimester is officially over Jan 3, and I think I read that it's normal for the tiredness to return in the 3rd trimester), so I made Terry take a walk with me once we put away the groceries so I wouldn't fall asleep. Not that I'm against naps, but if I napped at 3pm it would be too dark for our walk after I awoke.

We walked the full four miles yesterday, it was a beautiful day. I didn't even wear a jacket, just a long-sleeved shirt (although I did wear a cap since my ears get cold easily). And I wasn't so tired when I returned from the walk, which was nice. I didn't need a nap anymore.

But today I woke early, with the sunrise. I'm sleeping in the guest bedroom since Terry has a cold and I don't want to catch it, and the sun shines into the room in the morning. I played my new Rayman Raving Rabbids game for a few hours-- I intended to just play until shortly after the market opened, but I'm addicted, so I continued straight through lunchtime.

At least I had the discipline to turn the game off so I could eat and check SOMETHING off my to-do list. I actually have three to-do lists now, one I wrote 11/17, another from 12/4, and the most recent I wrote this morning before I found the other two. Thank goodness I date these things. I've crossed off most of the items from November, and about half from the earlier list in December, so I'm not as far behind as one might think from just the dates. Besides, some of the stuff on the list doesn't have a time frame, like "watch for a sale for a deep freezer". I just have to keep checking the Lowe's ads until they have a sale on Whirlpool appliances, since they're the only vendor that carries the freezer I want. I'd like to get one before we start harvesting vegetables from our garden next summer, but obviously there is no rush now in the middle of winter. But I have a space in the kitchen set aside for the freezer, so I could have it delivered at any point between now and then. So I wait for a sale. There probably will be a sale on freezers sometime in the next six months, don't you think?

I've done a few useful things this afternoon. First I renewed my library books, then I updated my Christmas card list (there were a few addresses I had to update based on the return-address labels on cards we received). I replied to an email from someone who needed information from me, and thanked another friend for a gift. I checked our bank balances, and made sure the credit card payments were scheduled. I updated my calendar with some new appointments.

But that's about it. Pretty weak in terms of accomplishments. I think I'll turn off the computer so I can check off another list item-- put away summer clothes. I've mostly put away my summer clothes, but I can't check the item off in good conscience since I found some more summer clothes in my dresser that I've got to move to storage so I can put my sweaters in there. Plus I'm going to put all my open-toe shoes and sandals in the storage closets so I don't have to dig through so many shoeboxes to find my winter shoes. That section of the bedroom with the shoes and boots is becoming a bit of a disaster area, but just storing all the shoes I'm not going to wear again until March at the earliest will help a lot. Once we get our new bedroom furniture, my (in-season) shoes will all fit in the closet and I'm looking forward to that.

Once I've stored all the summer clothes, then I'll feel better about resuming the video games. I finished the "story" mode of the Rayman game so I've unlocked everything in the "score" mode. Now I can focus on just playing my favorite games. I love the bunny hunts. You aim and shoot the evil rabbits in different settings. I'm still not exactly sure how to maximize scoring, I'll have to do a little math, or hopefully find someone who has already posted the information online. Of course I'm going to update my score codes on the website, I don't know why I like participating in all these community sites, but I do.