Rayman Zone

I'm all set up in the Rayman Zone. At the end of each game in the "score" mode, the game gives you a long nonsense code that you can type into their website, where you can compare your scores with everyone else's. I played all the bunny hunt games through again, and a few random challenge games, and wrote down the codes as I went along. They're hard to read on the screen; I wound up getting a few wrong so I replayed those rounds and got new codes. My "general ranking" is #1885 worldwide, and #285 in the states.

The site does a good job of keeping your statistics for you. In addition to your overall rank and rank for each game, you can also see your score for each game and percent completion (your current score / maximum score). Then there is a summary at the bottom showing your completion rate for all the games you've played (mine is 83.8%), your overall progression in the game (how many of the different games you've played, I'm at 20 in the "score" mode, which is 15.6% of all the games), and your overall score in the game (I'm at 13.1% of maximum). It also has a nice graphical interface so you can see at a glance which games have the most room for improvement. Since I've come pretty far with the bunny hunt games, I guess I'd better work on the other sections in order to bring my ranking up. Some of the other games I like better than others. Some I might leave out if they are not fun to play, since I don't really care about my ranking, it's just a matter of curiosity.