100 Days?!?!?

100 days sounds like a lot, but it really isn't, is it? I mean, I'm still working off a to-do list that is 44 days old and it's still current. I just noticed that my pregnancy ticker says I've got 100 days until my baby is due. Whoa. And it might be sooner than that, who knows. Someone told me yesterday that only 1% of babies are born on their due date.

The reality of having a child is just starting to sink in for Terry and me, but it's not an omnipresent thought. Terry always mentions it when we're driving home from somewhere. He'll say, "In about three months, we'll be driving home with a baby in the back seat. We'll never just drive around by ourselves anymore, we'll have a kid in the back seat." Except for the evenings we get a sitter, I suppose he's right.

Having a stroller in the front hallway sometimes makes me think about it. Other times, it just feels like we have a stroller in the hallway just for when guests visit, you know? I've read so often that the problem with having a baby is that no one can adequately describe the overwhelming nature of experience to prospective parents, so any attempt is futile. It seems as if it's impossible to accurately conceptualize how it will be if you've never done it before.

I'm conscious of the baby daily since it moves about every few hours, but it seems to me like more of an unusual stomach problem than a child. Terry gets up close to my stomach and talks to it most days, I think that's sweet. I don't have much to say to it, although I pat it from time to time. But most of the day, I don't even realize it's there unless I happen to look down.

I thought the cats would take more of an interest. I mean, they can hear if there is a mouse in the wall, I would expect them to notice that there is a baby in my womb. But they haven't shown any interest yet, although none of them have been sitting on my belly when the baby moves, so it hasn't affected them directly.

I think I'm going to order a book of games to play with your unborn child. It got a good review on a parenting website, the reviewers all liked the interactions. From what I've read, the prenatal interactions don't really do much for the baby as far as learning or IQ or any of that, but they do help the parents bond to the infant. I think that will be helpful for me. I'm not worried that I won't bond once it's born, but I'm impatient.