I Can't Believe I Missed Gossip Girl!

I guess that's what I get for having TV as such a low priority in my life. But I even put it on my calendar so I'd remember to watch the new episode last night.

The problem was that I was exhausted after returning home from running errands with Terry yesterday. We got home around 4:30pm, and I went upstairs to lie down. I took a quick nap, then read one of the books we checked out of the library. Terry called me down for dinner later, but to my dismay I noticed it was already 8:40pm at that time, and I had missed most of my show! It didn't feel like I had been home over four hours.

Fortunately, I did remember that I wanted to watch the PBS special about India after Gossip Girl, so Terry and I did sit down and watch that. And I was able to stay awake for the whole thing (it didn't end until 11pm!) since I did have a nap in the afternoon.

But now unless CWTV has changed its online show posting patterns, I'll have to wait two weeks to watch the episode I missed, and so will have to watch it out-of-order if I want to watch next week's episode on time. Not that so much happens during an episode that I won't be able to keep up with the plot, but there are usually some comments between characters that don't make any sense unless you've seen the previous episode. Oh well. I suppose I am a really lucky girl that this is my biggest life disappointment so far this week. Even though it's only Tuesday.