Childbirth Classes Are On

There was some doubt whether the instructor would get enough couples to sign up to start classes in January, but I just got confirmation today that the classes are on. Terry and I go to our first class next Wednesday.

We aren't taking the usual classes offered by the hospital since we're not having our baby in a hospital. These will follow the "Birthing From Within" philosophy which is way more new-age-y than Terry and I are, but the midwives recommended we give it a try anyway. So we're game. I read the book back in August, and if the classes follow the book then I suspect we'll spend a lot of time drawing pictures to express how we feel about various aspects of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. I knew there was no way I would bother to draw up all that stuff on my own, so I'm glad someone is offering a class in town. I hope we get to make a belly cast, I totally want one, even if half of my friends think it's weird.