Top 500 in Raving Rabbids

I played some more Rayman Raving Rabbids this morning, and improved my ranking. I'm now #463 worldwide in all platforms, #315 worldwide among Wii players. In the US I'm #57 overall, #49 among Wii players.

These rankings, in my opinion, aren't nearly as impressive as on Guitar Hero III since fewer people bother to type in their rankings for this game. On Guitar Hero, it's pretty slick, and as long as you're signed up and logged in through your console, your scores are automatically updated. But for this game, it's a hassle since you have to enter in a complicated code for every game you play (example: 7x4Bbm235cdr). And not that many people bother. Several thousands, rather than several hundreds of thousands like for GHIII. Still, I'm in the top 2% or so of people who bother.

I think I've gotten all the low-hanging-fruit scores for the game, any further improvements will probably take me awhile, since the games I've scored low on are difficult for me. I prefer to play the bunny hunts, but I've already got perfect scores in several of them. But there are still several in "survival" mode that I need to finish-- those are games where you only have one life, so you can't get hit by a plunger or bomb even once or else you fail. And some of the attacks come fast and furious, so the levels are challenging. I don't necessarily finish on my first or second tries.

Now I'll get dressed and do something with my day. I think I'll have time to run to the Sam's Club and get the Turbotax before I meet a friend for lunch, then I can go for my walk with Terry after lunch and start working on those taxes. Bleh. I'll encourage Terry to do all the chores he's been putting off because of the rain-- our kitchen compost crocks are both completely full, and the cats litter boxes are full, I'm sure (although I do use the excuse of being pregnant to avoid the entire area, so I'm just guessing). And there is probably a truckload of trash bags to take to the dump, I don't think he's been out there since October.