The Software Isn't Motivating

OK, so I picked up a copy of this year's TurboTax at the Sam's Club today. My errands are done, I had a nice visit with a friend over lunch, and Terry and I had clear weather for our 3-mile walk (after which I took a short nap). Now I'm sitting in front of the computer, but am having a hard time motivating myself to load up the software. I guess I really hate doing the taxes THAT MUCH.

I bet it's my subconscious pulling memories from last year, when I did two Federal and four state returns, plus how many did I have to amend? I think I did Federal and three states for each 2004, 2005, and 2006. It was a @#$@#* lot of tax returns. But the refund I got for all the amendments was HUGE so it was certainly worth it. But it was grueling. I need to convince myself that this year won't be so bad. Just the 2008 returns. Bleh.