Walking Slowly

Terry and I are still walking every day, but not nearly as quickly as we used to. I've given up on the 4-mile walk, so the 3-mile walk is our current limit. We used to finish the three miles in about 50 minutes in the heyday of my 2nd trimester. Today I noticed it took 1 hr 10 minutes.

But my back was feeling funny. It didn't hurt, but I could feel the curvature of my spine. Based on previous experience, I will notice it for a few days, then my back will be all adjusted to the new shape and I'll feel "normal" again. Which may enable me to pick up the pace a little.

I seem to be going through a little growth spurt, although I haven't really gained weight in over a week. I think I am getting bigger anyway. Although it might just be that the baby is hanging out in a different position than he/she used to, a position further out front. It appears to me that I'm carrying a boy. I think it's a boy. Terry is starting to think it may be a boy.

Another reason I think it's a boy is because the baby makes me smell funny-- I feel like I have a sort of "stinky man" smell about me, even right after I shower. It is distinct from my usual "stinky woman" smell I get when I am in need of a shower. I haven't read about this being some kind of indicator, I've just surmised this myself. I did read in the baby neurology book that blindfolded mothers can detect which newborn is their own by smell, even if they haven't ever seen their baby, since somehow they became subconsciously familiar with their child's scent before they were born. With me, perhaps it's not so subconscious. Then again, what do I know? Maybe pregnancy just makes ME smell bad, and it's got nothing to do with what the baby is going to smell like. I've heard that newborns smell very nice, actually, so maybe it is more likely that it is just me.