Online Filing Is Convenient

I was not looking forward to filling out the 4th Quarter estimated payment forms today. Not because they are difficult to fill out (you just fill in the amount, that's it), but because the printer here is out of ink and I'm not sure where any already-printed-out forms are.

I looked for the forms, found the VA forms at least but only found the envelopes for the Federal form. Then I realized that I could electronically file BOTH. I use the ifile system for Virginia, and the EFTPS system for Federal. Both are run by their respective government entities and neither charge a convenience fee. So instead of having to fix the printer, print the forms, write a check, scan everything for recordkeeping purposes, drive to the post office, fill out certified mail ticket, and return home, I just had to logon to the websites, type in the amount, and save the pdf files with the details and confirmation numbers.

Much, much easier. If you think you might also like the convenience of making online tax payments, you have to plan ahead. I think the lead time for the Federal system is several weeks for all the paperwork to wend its way through before you can make an online payment. I vaguely recall that Virginia's system is quicker, but I don't remember if you have to wait for them to "validate" your linked bank account or not. Either way, there is still plenty of time for you to get yourself set up before taxes are due April 15th.