It Snowed This Morning

Terry moved one of our coffeemakers to the master bedroom last night (we have two now since we brought one down from NJ) since he is convinced it will be easier for him to wake up in the morning if he has a cup of coffee in bed. He has been getting up between 10am and 11:30am so far this week, and wondering where his day goes. He said he would bring me a cup (I am still in the guest bedroom-- I came out here when he was sick so I wouldn't catch his cold, and I just haven't gotten around to moving my sleep machine back to the main bedroom).

He came in around 9am and we both had our coffee in bed here-- this side of the house gets the morning sun, and besides this bed is more comfortable than the big one (we're getting rid of it when we can move our good mattress down from NJ after the condo sells). We spent some time discussing the best way to get milk in our coffee, now that it's being brewed upstairs. I'm in favor of a little refrigerator, I've been advocating for an upstairs fridge for over a year, but Terry continues to veto it as uneconomic. True. He wants to get powdered creamer to keep up here, but I vetoed that since it's all chemical-y. I suggested we just put some milk in our cups the night before and keep them in an insulated cooler with an ice pack overnight. He's skeptical that the milk will really stay fresh in a cooler. I did suggest he could just go downstairs and get us some milk in the morning, but he pointed out that would defeat the purpose of having the coffeemaker in the bedroom, if he had to get out of bed at all before he had a cup of coffee.

While we were brainstorming a solution to our problem, we were watching the snow out the window. It started as just a few flakes, but then there were more. It had just about died down, when a fresh bunch of snow blew by in a wind that made the snow travel laterally instead of falling. By the time we finished our discussion the snow was gone.

I wonder how much snow falls around here that we never notice. We wouldn't have noticed the snow today if we hadn't been awake AND looking out the window during that particular fifteen minutes this morning. I didn't notice any more snow today.

It was, however, quite cold. We took our walk from about 2:45 - 3:45 this afternoon. Yesterday it was cold enough that I did wear my long wool coat (with rubber bands extending the buttonholes for my middle buttons) instead of my cape. But today it was cold enough that I also wore a scarf wrapped around my face to keep it warm. I also wore my furry cap instead of the fleece cap, but I regretted that. The fleece cap has a brim to keep out the sun, and it was so sunny today that I had to look down most of the walk to keep the sun out of my eyes since the furry cap lacks a brim. I hope we get to take our walk at least once after a fresh snowfall, since I want to take photos of our walk in each season (I have fall, so I want winter, spring, and summer).

My legs are in fact adjusting to my current weight, since the walk is getting a little bit easier every day. I think it's good that we're not skipping days, 24 hours is probably the right amount of time to rest the muscles. I do spend most of the rest of my time sedentary, with my feet up. I might skip tomorrow unless I can convince Terry to come out for a walk in the morning (he's leaving for DC around noon). I might go with him, but only if my friend Cate can meet me up there, since Terry's meetings would be pretty dull for me, and not worth the 6 hrs roundtrip in the car.