Must've Been A Growth Spurt

My appetite is back to normal, and the three-mile walk is no longer grueling. I think I must have been going through some kind of growth spurt over the past week or so, and now it's over. I did gain two pounds, after having been the same for several weeks.

The six-squares-a-day plan was fine while it lasted, but I'm glad to be back down to three meals plus snacks. Way more convenient. Plus, I'm sleeping through the night again, not waking up hungry at 4am.

And I am really surprised by how much easier the walk was yesterday and today. Earlier in the week, my calves would be sore nearly the entire time, I'd have to do a lot of stretching at our halfway point. And I would be trudging the last quarter mile home as if I'd just walked ten miles instead of three. On Friday, I didn't even walk the whole three miles, I asked Terry to turn back with me at the 2.5 mile point since I didn't want to be exhausted before our trip to DC.

Today, my calves didn't hurt much at all, I stretched a little at the turn-around point but wasn't like I needed to stretch any muscles. And I finished the entire walk at about the same pace I started the walk, and wasn't that tired afterwards.

I hope my new "normal" feeling will last for a while. I prefer it. I think my growth spurt also included my torso-- my 36" bra bands have been killing me lately, I think I'm going to have to go up to a 38". What I haven't spent on maternity clothes, I certainly have made up for in new bras. I've been wearing non-underwire bras since Thursday (Wednesday night was the last straw for my current underwire, the band was so tight I was extremely uncomfortable and unwilling to go through that again), but I don't care for the lack of definition. Maybe I'll look into getting "bra extenders" that will increase my band size without having to buy all new bras, since my cup size I think is the same.