Over Two Hours of Vacuuming Just Downstairs

I find this really interesting. The housekeeper showed up today at 9:15am, and after I showed her where all the supplies were, she immediately started vacuuming. I'd estimate she started this at 9:30am, and I haven't heard that thing shut off in over two hours.

I find this interesting, since I generally would vacuum the downstairs in about 45 minutes. Maybe I was doing it wrong all these years. She certainly is banging around more than I usually do, maybe she's vacuuming inside the cabinets or something. I've been staying upstairs so I could work on my stock charts in relative peace, so I have no idea what exactly she's doing down there, other than running the vacuum.

Regardless, I hope she finishes in the kitchen soon since I want to start cooking lunch. I was able to find a granola bar in my quilting bag upstairs here to snack on, but it's approaching actual lunchtime and I'll need a full meal.

The charting is going slowly, since I'm figuring out all the "alternative" entry points to two long positions I entered earlier this month, since both are now in the red. I'm trying to figure out if using one of the alternative indicators would have been more profitable than using the standard indicator. So far, only one alternative per security would have prevented my premature entrance, and it's a different alternative for each security, so I see there is going to be a bit of "art" to using the deMark indicators. It's not surprising, since if it were pure science then the computer-trading programs set up by various hedge funds would always make money, and sometimes they screw up big-time. But the more I chart, the more I'll internalize the relevant patterns in my subconscious, and I'll be able to rely on my intuition to guide my trading decisions. Until then, I'm glad I'm dabbling in relatively small positions so I don't get too soaked during the learning experience.