Photos of Our NJ Condo

We put our NJ condo on the market at the end of December since it's an unnecessary luxury now that Terry isn't working in NYC anymore. When I was looking up our realtor's number, I saw that they've got a slideshow up of our place. It's significantly barer than it was while we were living there, but you'll get the idea. Terry supervised the complete bathroom renovation soon after we bought the place, and he renovated the entire kitchen (new cabinets, fresh paint, new floor) entirely by himself this fall.

I designed and built the bookcase/headboard for the bed one week while he was on a business trip (he would have totally freaked out about the amount of sawdust in the apartment if he'd been around while I was doing all the carpentry). I also made the canopy of scarves for the bed and picked out the chandelier.

I also picked the colors for the living/dining room. The dining room was never fully realized while we lived there, I had intended to nestle a banquette into the corner by the window but wound up traveling too much to make it happen once Terry got transferred out of the NY office. The square on the living room wall is painted white since that's where we projected our TV. I miss the giant beanbag chairs-- can't wait to bring them back to VA. Not sure where they'll go, probably down by hammock camp when that is built out but until then I don't know. One at least will go in the upstairs lounge. Maybe the other in the master bedroom, or out on the porch in the summer.