I'm A Lumbering Sugar-Crasher

I really messed myself up with those carrot-cake cupcakes this afternoon. Ordinarily, I refrain from eating many refined carbs, and now I remember why. I baked some carrot-cake cupcakes from scratch this afternoon, and ate three little ones soon after they came out of the oven. I didn't put frosting on them, since they were already very moist and sweet and I thought it would have been overkill. They were delicious.

But somewhen maybe about an hour after I finished them, I grew uncontrollably sleepy, and had to take a nap. That was a nuisance, but I really couldn't keep my eyes open. I figure it was the dreaded "sugar crash" that follows the consumption of refined carbs. Next time I will make a point to only eat the cupcakes along with some protein, a glass of milk seems the obvious choice.

When I saw myself walking past a wall mirror this afternoon, I noticed that I was actually lumbering. Walking slowly, almost a waddle, like a giant animal. If I catch myself lumbering when I'm out in public, I usually can snap myself out of it. I can still walk somewhat gracefully if I focus on it, and wearing heels helps me maintain awareness, so I try to wear a pair if I'm not running too many errands.

But it's definitely becoming more of a chore to get up from sitting, so I find myself moving around less. What I ought to do is switch to firmer seating so I can get up easier, since laying still all day saps what little productivity I ordinarily have. I may ask Terry to carry my laptop downstairs to the parlor-- the red Victorian sofa is rather firm so I won't sink into it like the orange overstuffed sofa in the TV room. I've lately been using my laptop on a tray right from bed, and let me tell you it's really hard to rouse myself from that setup.