Goose Chaos

We skipped our walk today since it was either sleeting, snowing, or raining all day. I was hoping that we'd get a good snow and I could go for a walk afterward and take photos, but no such luck, the rain following the snow got rid of most of it, not that there was much to begin with.

But yesterday we took a walk in the late afternoon, and saw some unusual goose behavior. The geese have been migrating lately, and most of the ones I've seen are heading north. It seems a bit early, but I don't know how fast geese fly, and if they're going all the way to Canada they've got a pretty long trip, so maybe it will be spring by the time they get there. As we were walking, I saw a V-formation flying south, which I thought was unusual. Then a few minutes later, I saw what I presume were the same birds fly back north, but in a larger group with more birds. Then they met up with yet another formation and were flying every which way.

Terry and I stopped to watch and see what was going on, since we'd never noticed anything like it before. From what we could figure out, the birds were in the process of making a large circle of the area (probably a diameter of a few miles), honking loudly to call any straggling geese in the vicinity. Once they felt like they gathered up all their goose-friends, they coasted in for a landing on the Henleys' pond.

There were several formations all gathering there, it must have been quite a scene. I wanted to check it out, but Terry didn't want to walk all the way out to their pond. It was probably a good decision since it was getting close to sunset, and you don't want to be caught out on our road in the dark, since it's really pitch black at night with no streetlights and the few homes are set back far from the road so their light isn't useful for pedestrians.

Maybe another day if we see the geese again, I'll get Terry to walk out there with me. It was interesting to see how they decided to converge on that one pond, even though there are other ponds nearby that didn't have any geese. I'm curious to see why the geese like this one pond in particular. My first guess is that there are no dogs there, and maybe there are dogs allowed to roam near the other ponds.