More Time Than I Thought

I thought I'd just have a few minutes to pop out a post before we had to leave for our childbirth class, but I just read the email that it's been canceled. It's a bummer, since Terry and I arranged our travel schedule around the original class dates, and if the last class has to be on 2/11 we probably can't make it. Hopefully they'll be able to reschedule a little later.

Terry and I were amazingly productive today. First, we interviewed a woman to see if we wanted her to be our family doctor. I liked her better than I thought I would, she seems very reasonable, so now Terry and I actually have a "primary care physician" for the first time ever. We always had to leave that blank before when we filled out the forms for our specialists. This doctor knows all the specialists I'm seeing, so that's convenient, sometimes they do need to talk to each other, especially if I switch meds as I do from time-to-time.

After we met with the doctor (whose office is in one of the new suburbs of Crozet, far more convenient than having to drive in to Cville), we had lunch at Otto's, then took two packages to the post office. One of the packages was our broken projector, Terry finally got the RMA for that so we can get it fixed under warranty. I'm eager to get that back and hook up my PS3 to watch BluRay movies on the big screen.

We picked up some milk, got cash at the bank, and parked at the top of our driveway to start our walk. Terry had the good idea of walking from the top of the drive instead of from the house, since our driveway is both steep and icy, and there's not really much room on either side to walk in the grass since there are briars there. But as a result of not going to the house first, we weren't in our usual walking outfits. Poor Terry wasn't wearing his scarf and was so miserable but he didn't complain. I was wearing my fur, and fortunately everything was too frozen to be muddy so it stayed clean.

Terry really was such a sport to walk with me today, the weather was dreadful. It wasn't raining when we walked, but everything was covered with ice. It was more of a hike than a walk, since where the road was too slick we had to traipse through the fields. Although the grass blades were also covered in ice, they gave much better traction than the smooth road (almost all the gravel has been plowed away, they'll put more down in the spring). We only walked two miles, but given the conditions I still consider that pretty hardcore dedication to the daily walk. We did skip yesterday, and I just feel better when I don't skip too many days.

When we got back to the house, I cleaned the walls and baseboards of our bedroom's "foyer" and got two of the three walls painted before I put things away and cleaned up before class. And only after this did I find out that class was canceled. I guess the good news is that I'll have time to paint the rest of that area tonight.

Even without going to class, we got more done today than we have in quite some time, so I'm very satisfied. I think the reason I finally broke out the paintbrush to start painting the bedroom is because we might have a good offer on our condo. I spoke to the realtor this morning, we're still waiting to hear if the buyers took our counter-offer. But if we get a contract out of this, we'll need to actually move the rest of our stuff out of the condo on our next (and last) trip to NJ next week, and it's really going to be much more convenient to bring the furniture into a room that's already painted rather than having to cover it all up during painting. And since I'm still not 100% sure of my color choice, I wanted to paint that foyer area to get a feel for it before I tackle the 13' tall walls in the main part of the bedroom, since I don't want to have to paint those twice. They're monstrously large walls.