25 Random Things About Me

This is from one of those chain letter sort of things going around facebook lately. You're supposed to post a list of 25 random things about you, so I did, what the heck. I thought about it, and I don't think there's anything here that I mind being on the internet (facebook gets some of my comments that I don't necessarily want popping up on a google search, if you know what I mean), so here's the list:

1. I am utterly fearless. Seriously, I had to take a battery of psychological tests several years ago, and scored absolutely zero for fear, the doctor had never seen anything like it.
2. If I pause for a long time in the middle of a sentence, it's usually because I totally forgot what I was talking about, and am trying to think of how to proceed without sounding like a complete idiot.
3. I am actually more comfortable wearing high heels than flats or sneakers since my feet have very high arches.
4. I'm a pretty good cook despite the fact I'm not often keen on doing it.
5. I am NOT what one would call "a trouper" since I get overwhelmed easily.
6. Every morning I am grateful that I've been blessed with "good hair".
7. I like watching the sunset every evening, since it's always a new show.
8. Frasier is still my favorite TV show, even though it's off the air.
9. I don't like howling wind.
10. I use my mobile phone very inconsistently, it can be off for days at a time.
11. I never watch TV news-- if it's not on NPR or in the WSJ I probably don't know about it, which is ok since I probably don't care about it, either.
12. I sit in front of a sun-lamp for 30 minutes every morning all winter long.
13. I think the Aeropress makes the best home coffee.
14. I'm pretty good at designing and sewing all kinds of window treatments.
15. I can go for weeks without being the least bit curious about what is piling up in my mailbox or listening to my voicemail or answering machine messages.
16. I didn't think it would be this hard to come up with 25 random things. . .
17. I read quickly, but also quickly forget what I've read. I've got to time my book club reading to end just a day or two before the meeting to participate in the discussion.
18. I like to order organ meats if they're on the menu.
19. I don't care for lobster tail, but like it in pasta, dips, and soup.
20. I generally won't buy prepared foods that include sugar or corn syrup.
21. I look forward to eating my oatmeal every morning.
22. I've spent a lot of hours in salons and spas.
23. If I won the lottery, I'd spend the annual income on either a handmaiden or a driver.
24. I think fur is warmer than down.
25. I don't like bathing, so living isolated on a farm has its advantages.