I Fired Phala

Phala was supposed to clean the house for eight hours yesterday, and eight hours today, that would have about gotten the upstairs all deep-cleaned. But yesterday when she wasn't here by 9:30am I called to see what was going on, and she said she sent me an email to let me know she wasn't coming out due to the weather. I told her she needed to call in the future, that email was not acceptable.

Today she called just after 9am to say she was feeling under the weather so wouldn't be coming out today. She wanted to come tomorrow and over the weekend, or two days next week. I told her the last time she was here that we could accommodate her two days this week, but she'd have to go down to one day per week after this. On the phone today, she was complaining that she just couldn't do everything on one day per week, that it was "customers like me" who expected too much, yada yada yada. I repeated that I was very clear that she could have worked two days this week, but although that didn't work out for her, my schedule was fixed and she'd still have to go down to one day. Then she started complaining again so I just told her I was sorry that our house was too big a job for her to handle, and that her services just weren't going to work out for us.

I was complaining about her not showing up to one of my friends yesterday, but she thought Phala would be a keeper since she does clean really well. My friend has found lots of people that show up when they say they will, but they just don't do a good job. Regardless, Terry really took an instant disliking to Phala, and I didn't care that much about her personality but I think she got the whole employer-employee relationship backwards when she's trying to get OUR schedule to fit into HER lifestyle. That bird don't fly, Phala.

So now I'm going to hit craigslist, find another maid. With the economy in such a downturn, I imagine there will be plenty with availability, I'll just keep going until I find one that works out.