We Got A Contract On Our Condo!

Our realtor called last night to let us know that the buyers accepted our second counter-offer, so now I'm just waiting to get the contract from their realtor so we can get that signed and start the attorney-review process.

Once we get that done, then I guess we'll make arrangements to move the rest of our stuff out of the condo when we're up there next week. Yay! I am so looking forward to sleeping on the good mattress! Terry will rent a little moving van since although we don't have much left up there, we won't be able to fit both the dresser and queen size mattress & box spring in the pickup truck. I'll put the new Ikea furniture for our bedroom in the truck and drive that back to VA myself.

I have renewed vigor to get things done around here. I guess I needed some time off after dealing with all the sprucing-up necessary to get the condo on the market (although to be fair, Terry did most of the work for that). Now I'm GOING to get the master bedroom painted before we leave, 13' ceilings and all. Although my guess is that when Terry sees me haul my pregnant body up that ladder with paint he'll get very nervous and volunteer to take over.

I painted the whole bedroom-foyer yesterday without getting any paint on the carpet, and I didn't use cloths or anything. It's because I used a paintbrush instead of a roller, and also because I took my time. I'm not sure what the efficiency difference is, I could move a little faster if I had a tarp down covering the carpet and it didn't matter if I dripped occasionally, but in general I think it's just better practice to not make a mess, even it takes just a little bit longer. Stop paying attention to your little splatters, then one bit of wet paint on the bottom of your foot or shoe and you can have colored footprints all over your house before you realize it (trust me, I know about this!).

OK, so it's nearly 10:30am now. I don't have a maid, and the whole upstairs still needs to be thoroughly cleaned. I put a call into another "eco" cleaner to schedule them to come out and give me an estimate, but haven't heard back. My plan for today will be to update my trading charts, decide if I need to place any trades today or tomorrow, then start deep-cleaning the master bedroom. I'll clean the carpet in the middle of the room, then I (or Terry) will pull everything away from the walls so I can wipe them down (even the walls are dusty, it's bad in there) and clean the baseboards. I'll fill and sand any holes in the wall leftover from when I uninstalled the ugly window treatments when we first moved in. I will buy the paint this afternoon, and begin painting tomorrow or Saturday. It depends on if I decide to go to Viking Club tomorrow or not. I guess it would be prudent to skip the sewing and just focus on the painting, since I won't be able to finish painting the room in one day. I'll probably be able to do two walls per day. I'm not keen on how expensive it will be to use the Aura line of paints, but it's too cold to open the windows and the regular paint has a bit more VOC than I'm comfortable painting with while pregnant. Painting the foyer was enough to figure out it would be unpleasant to paint the larger room with the regular paint.