Painting Is Progressing

I'm still working on painting the bedroom. I finished two walls last week, including trim, plus the foyer, and am going to finish the last two walls this week before we go to NJ. Terry did move the furniture and stuff away from these two walls (and against the walls I finished), but he didn't think to sand the spackled patches where the holes from the old window treatments were. Or to clean the dust from the baseboards. Or to take off the electric plate covers. So the room wasn't exactly ready for me to start painting right away.

I had to take a nap when I got home from running errands, anyway. I was out from about 10:30am until around 2:30pm. I got a lot done, but it does wear me out. At 3:30pm I started sanding and cleaning, and was able to start painting at 4pm. I was able to cut in all the corners, ceiling, baseboards, around all the fixtures, and around all the windows before it started getting dark around 5:30pm. Tomorrow I'll use the roller and paint the rest of those walls in the morning. By afternoon, I should be able to paint the trim. There's a lot of trim to take care of, since there are three windows on the big wall.

I am really looking forward to getting the bedroom finished. I'm really liking the new color ("Cedar Key" by Benjamin Moore, it's light brown). And once we install the large armoire and extra bookcase along the back wall, we'll be able to put the open shelves that have been holding our T-shirts and exercise clothes down in the garage where those shelves belong. And when we get rid of the king size bed and put in the queen size bed, there will be enough room on either side for nightstands large enough to hold all the stuff we like to keep by the bed. Currently, our little nightstands are just overflowing and we've got stuff all over the floor on either side of the bed, it's a mess.

Terry still has quite a bit of computer equipment in the bedroom, but he's making progress putting stuff away all over the house so hopefully he'll have a place for it (or else be ready to give it away or sell it) soon. I'm looking forward to having our nice big dresser down here in VA. It will be inside the closet since we determined we're not going to be able to get other furniture to match it (although I can get a closet system to match it. . .). But the dresser we've been using in the closet now is pretty inconvenient in there since we've got to open doors to pull out the drawers. We're moving that one out to the bedroom (and later to the baby's room) since it is configured pretty well for baby clothes, I think.

Once we've got the bedroom cleared out and cleaned up after we install our new storage furniture, I'll paint the master bath. It will be so nice to have everything all one soothing color. I'm getting really sick of all the blue upstairs, but it's going away, room by room. . .