Walls Are Done

Well, the bedroom walls are painted all except for the little edge near the ceiling that can only be reached by our tall ladder, which I'm too ungainly to use safely. Terry will fill that in soon, else I'll just wait until summer and do it myself.

I still need to paint the rest of the trim, I've been resting for over an hour, ate lunch, and am getting ready to start that soon.

The bathroom will probably be the next place painted, then the closet last. I'll need to have the main part of the room organized before I can empty out the closet. The bathroom just needs to be cleaned. I probably won't get to that today, since the bedroom trim will take a while, then I should start packing for our trip tomorrow. We've got to leave here for our childbirth class around 5pm, and we don't get home until nearly 10pm and I'm too tired to do much after that.

I'm now thinking about painting the guest bedroom/nursery the same color as our bedroom, instead of Navajo white as I originally thought. I'll have to piece together my quilt a bit, and see which color will match the baby quilt best. I'm also starting to think about what color to paint the upstairs hallway. Some shade of white, I'm just not sure which. White Dove will look good with all the rooms, but the trim is also White Dove so it might be too monotonous. Maybe the hall will be Navajo White. It will depend on if it will look good with the colors of the rooms, since we usually leave the doors open and the colors are visible from the hall.