Walls Not Quite Done

Hmm. I painted the walls of the bedroom foyer with Benjamin Moore's Regal line of paint, but the rest of the room with the Aura line. They don't make an identical gloss finish, so I used the nearest equivalent. While the adjacent walls looked the same in each kind of paint, when I made some touch-ups on the Regal walls using the Aura paint (since I used up all the Regal paint), you can tell the difference on the patches. So I'll have to paint two small walls in the foyer with the Aura (I already painted one wall with the Aura last week). Bummer.

The good news is that I did finish painting the trim in the rest of the room. I painted two baseboards, and three windows today. I still have to paint the trim on the main bedroom door and the closet door, plus the baseboards for those two walls in the foyer. That will just have to wait until we get back from NJ.

Terry started to spackle two holes in the bathroom. But he didn't spackle any of the other holes. It's annoying that he says he'll do a job, and then just does part of it. Since he did the hard part of finding the spackle and bringing it upstairs, I guess I'll just fill in the other holes. I guess he didn't notice them, he's not very observant. I don't think he'd just fill only some of the holes on purpose.