In NJ With No Contract

I got a call from my NJ real estate attorney while we were driving up to NJ-- the buyer pulled out of the contract. What a nuisance. We were all ready to pack up and get out of here.

Fortunately, our apartment generated a lot of interest, and our realtor is going to show it on Monday to a couple-- the woman already likes it, she wants her husband to take a look now. But they're investors, not looking to live here, so I don't know if it will be in their price range or not. The apartment has the most utility as a residence.

It was a long drive up here. The traffic wasn't too bad, just the usual slowdown on 495N/I95 past DC. But we stopped a lot. Terry wasn't feeling well, so I drove the first 4.5 hours. It was a drag, but the silver lining was that I didn't have to hear him babble the whole time like when he drives. He sat quietly most of the time, which I prefer.

Once he started driving he was talking about his idea to privatize the school system. I like it when he's got ideas he wants to talk about, it's better than him just reading the road signs or making up nonsense babble. He's been really worked up about his economics ideas lately.

He hasn't been spending much time on his music, he's mostly been blogging about economics. Over lunch, he was describing his latest strategy to get one of his articles published. He's been pretty focused on getting attention for his ideas. I think it's more likely he'll wind up with some economics or policy job or consultancy than he'll wind up as a songwriter. He just doesn't seem to put the same energy into the music. I don't ordinarily care either way, but I wrote lyrics for a song I want him to write, and I'm afraid he won't get around to it. I could try to write some music for it myself, but Terry's better at that than I am.

He did surprise me by actually taking the time to spackle the extra holes in the bathroom before we left today. I didn't think he'd get around to it until we got back.

I'll have to get the realtor's opinion about whether to leave the furniture here or not. If it really helps the place "show" then we'll just have to make arrangements to fetch the furniture later, when we've got another contract. But if she thinks it will show fine without the furniture, I'd prefer to bring it down to VA like our original plan. Our bedroom is going to feel so much bigger with the queen size bed instead of the king. And I forgot that I've got these cabinets with flat drawers that I'm going to put together to make a sewing center. Right now I'm using a plastic folding table in the sewing room, but it's not terribly convenient since there are no drawers, and all the little bits equipment have to just be on top to be accessible, but then they can be in the way of manipulating the fabric.

Terry ran out to the store to get me some heartburn tablets, since the only kind we have here are "multi-symptom" and they include a bunch of ingredients I'm pretty wary of taking. As a reward for him going out in the cold for me, I said we could watch "Heroes" together when he gets back. I'm pretty tired, and prefer to rest quietly rather than watch TV, and he knows he's free to watch TV in the other room without me, but he really likes to watch shows WITH me. I don't know why, I'm pretty indifferent to whether I watch shows with him or not. I think I enjoy them the same either way. Nevertheless, I am so uncomfortable because of the heartburn tonight (and we don't even have any milk up here, so he's getting that, too) I'm happy to humor him to get my meds.