Good Shopping Day

I took Terry with me to shop for baby things today. We went out to Jersey Gardens mall, where they have a lot of baby outlets. I enjoyed the trip, he tolerated it, but did enjoy seeing all the cute baby stuff. One of the reasons I made him go was so that he could see all the stuff that is in baby stores. Since he may have to go out and buy things by himself once the baby is born, I wanted him to at least have a clue of what different things are called so he'll be able to identify them when necessary.

We watched the show "Lie to Me" last night. It was sort of a lame show, but the stuff about detecting lies was interesting. Terry was practicing on me-- he was watching and identifying my "micro expressions" while I was shopping. At one point he just took a receiving blanket from me and said go ahead and buy it, and I protested since I didn't know that I needed another blanket. But he said he could tell of all the blankets I had just picked up to look at, that one made me happy and my micro expression gave away that I wanted it.

The baby clothes were so cute, and man, there are just so many more choices than are available in Charlottesville, or even Richmond. The DC area probably has a good number of baby stores, but frankly I'd rather just come to NJ to shop if I'm going out of town. No sales tax on clothes and designer outlets are a winning retail combination.

But despite the abundant cuteness, I didn't buy many baby clothes since I don't know if I'm having a boy or girl. I got several different outfits in neutral colors. One hipster T in a dark red print. I noted the prices they had on breast pumps, but didn't get one. I need to do a little more research to figure out what kind I'm likely to prefer. I'll probably be pumping once per evening so Terry can give the "dream feed" with a bottle.

We finished shopping just in time to go see Slumdog Millionaire. We didn't expect it to be quite so dark, but it was a good film. It had a happy ending for the most part, which I appreciate. I try to avoid negativity whenever possible, so there are a lot of movies I don't bother watching.

I'm just starting to get hungry for dinner, but not sure what we're going to do about it. We don't have anything to cook with in the condo.