Brunch, Shopping, and Snowboarding

Terry and I had a pretty full day today! I let him sleep in until around 10am or so (I was up for breakfast by 7am) then he made his daily pilgrimage to Dunkin' Donuts to get us donuts and coffee.

I decided we should have brunch in the city since we had some shopping to do there, so I made reservations at Trinity Place. We hadn't been there, but it got good reviews for brunch. It was in the financial district, and we needn't have worried about the reservations, it was pretty empty in there on a Saturday morning. The restaurant is inside a giant vault, and the banquettes are upholstered in old leather. It's very atmospheric, I bet it's got a lively happy hour weekdays. Brunch was pretty good, although I don't know that I'd make a special trip there again, but I'd stop in if I were in the neighborhood.

We walked from brunch down to Firefly, a kids' store near the South Street Seaport. They were having a decent sale, and I picked up some organic baby clothes and two pairs of cute animal mittens. It was still early in the afternoon when we left, so I called Nora to see if Trey was around so Terry could hang out with him (like how we have to set up play dates for our husbands?). Trey had taken the kids to watch a snowboarding exhibition way over on the east side, but we said we'd head over there since we weren't doing anything else.

It was quite a popular event, kids everywhere. Riverside Park was covered in man-made snow, and there were sections for sledding and making snowmen. On the other side of the park, bands were playing, some acrobatic troupe was jumping around on trampolines, and then there was the giant snowboarding ramp. Several ramps, as it turned out, although only one was giant. Both Terry and I had a nice afternoon hanging out with Trey and his two oldest kids (both under 5, I forget how old exactly), Terry especially likes playing with kids, he's great with them. The snowboarding exhibition itself was underwhelming, the boarders just went down the giant ramp, jumped in the air, and landed on one of the two smaller ramps. It's not nothing, it must be scary to go down such a big ramp, I don't think I'd ever do it. But it's not like they were doing flips and stuff, at least not while we were there.

Once Trey and his kids were done with the park, we split up, and Terry and I took a walk down Houston. I figured that would be our exercise walk for the day since we went all the way from the FDR to W. Broadway. Where I looked at some luxury slings that were way on sale. But they weren't soft! And they didn't look quite as interesting in person as they did on the website, so I didn't get anything there. Then we stopped at some tart bakery so Terry could have a snack, then went back downtown and got the truck for our return trip to NJ.

I twisted my ankle on one of the irregular streets (they're all cobblestone and different kinds of brick and stuff) on the way to the car, but I walked it off. It still is just a little sore, hopefully I'll be good as new in the morning.

I've got to plan my day a little bit tomorrow. I'm meeting friends for brunch at 1pm around Union Square, so I'll probably want to leave here by noon to make sure I'm there in time and find parking since I'm driving in. If I get in early, that's fine since I can do a little shopping around Union Sq. Although I'm considering going in much earlier so I can go to mass in the city. Maybe I could go to an early mass out here, but I'm not usually very motivated in the mornings. I can always go to the evening mass at St. Anne's in Hoboken if I get back to NJ by 6pm or so, I'll have to check the exact mass time, I've forgotten. Eh, I'll write down a bunch of options tonight so I can spontaneously decide what I feel like doing tomorrow.