Long Day

I haven't had such a long day in a while! We straightened up the apartment before we left this morning so it would look nice when the realtor brought the latest couple around while we were out.

Then we took the bus into the city, got lunch, and went to my doctor appointment. Then we headed over to Tiffany's where I tried on some diamond solitaire pendants. I liked the square Lucida cut better than the round brilliant cut when the stone was about 1.5 carats. I didn't try on much smaller sizes, but I will at other places. I think if I go with something smaller, I would prefer the round brilliant cut. I suggested to Terry maybe he should think about getting me the large square stone for our 10th anniversary, and something more casual for a birth present. I'll have to try on different sizes to know exactly what I want, but I don't have to be in NY to find a jeweler with decent small stones.

I wore my sneakers today so I'd be able to get my exercise walk in while shopping, so we continued walking from upper midtown down and over to the garment district where I stopped in a few fabric stores. I got some fabric to make a baby sling (or two), some baby clothes, and a baptism gown.

By this time it was about 4:30pm, so we headed over to the new Sungard offices on Madison. They certainly have a different feel than the downtown office did! It's all big rooms with many short cubes, although the consultants don't even get cubes, they are all corralled at a big table with outlets for their laptops. A lot of people were out of the office, but we got to say hello to a handful of our old AFS buddies anyway, and also spent some time catching up with the Phase III guys on the next floor.

We went out to dinner with Sarah, and got caught up with the latest chaos over there. Terry is so happy he's out of there. I'm so happy Terry's out of there! Everyone remarked how much happier Terry looks now. Retirement suits him. They all had a hard time picturing him doing farm work.

Terry and I didn't head home until 9:30pm, and didn't get home until after 10. I've been looking up the specs for the stuff we'll need to get at Ikea tomorrow, and now will get off the computer so Terry can work on his Op-ed piece he wants to send out to all the major newspapers. This latest idea he's got is simpler than most of the economics stuff he comes up with, so I think it's got a better chance to generate public interest. I'll leave it to him to decide if he wants to post the details online or not, so check out his blog if you're curious.