Blog Until Cannolis Arrive

Terry's been using my laptop most of the evening, I've just had enough time to check my email and update my stock charts for the past few days. He wants to watch Heroes when he gets back from picking up cannolis for us both. I agreed to that, we eat about as many cannolis as donuts while we're up in NJ. They're just better up here than in VA. I was remarking the other day that I'm going to have to learn how to make my own cannolis. And I think I'm going to learn to make my own bagels, also. Bodo's bagels are every bit as good as the bagels up here, but they ARE nearly 15 miles from my house in VA.

I had a really good breakfast this morning-- we went to the Brownstone Pancake Factory in downtown JC and I had the "Downtown Wrap" which is scrambled eggs with cheddar and sour cream all wrapped up in a supergiant pancake. I ate the whole thing. I've been really surprised with how much I can eat now without feeling overfull or gaining weight. I presume the little baby must be packing it on, though.

We met our lawyer at the courthouse and signed some documents giving her power-of-attorney for the condo sale transaction so she can take care of signatures at the closing and we don't have to be up here. But Terry's going to have to come up here again once we have a contract to deal with the furniture. I may or may not be able to return depending on how long til the condo sells. If it's after the birth, I guess I could come up here with the baby, I just wouldn't take it into the city with all those city germs.

OK, Terry's back from Mama Leone's with our dessert, gotta go. We'll be driving back to VA tomorrow, all the heavy stuff from Ikea for the bedroom is already in the truck (we got it today) so we just have to carry out the suitcases and baby stuff in the morning, then we're outta here.