Whole Foods Chocolate Festival

Terry and I had an uneventful drive back from NJ today, so the most interesting thing that happened was when we stumbled into the Chocolate Festival at the Whole Foods in Charlottesville.

We pulled into town a little after 5pm, and decided to do a little grocery shopping on our way home since we knew we didn't leave anything in the house before we left last week. As soon as we walked into the store, a man offered me a carnation-- all the ladies were getting flowers. I had to go straight back to the bathroom for the sixth time today, but was surprised to pass a violinist as I walked by the bread section.

Terry was taking care of the shopping, so I was free to sample all the chocolate. I had a chocolate-dipped strawberry, drank some liquid chocolate, ate a brie-like cheese snack with fig sauce, and sampled a bit of triple-chocolate torte from the bakery. I also tried a bit of "Lake Champlain" chocolate, which was pretty good, and some high-calcium chocolate fortified with Vitamin D and was surprised that it was pretty good since I was expecting it to taste like "health food".

I chatted with the girl from the bakery for a second, who said they do the chocolate festival every year before Valentine's Day, and it's a mixture of people like me who just luck into it and others who have put the date on their calendar and make sure to attend. They also have something similar before Christmas, but the women said she had to wear her bakery jacket for that, and for this everyone got to dress up (she was in a suit, I don't remember if the violinist was in a tux or not. . .). I did wind up buying the fig sauce, because I said I'd bring a sauce to fondue night on Saturday and I don't figure anyone else will bring that, so that was convenient. But I didn't buy any chocolate since my sweet tooth was more than satisfied with all the samples.

The house was only 59F when we got home (I turn the heat way down when we leave, the cats have fur and don't mind), but it was 68F outside, so I opened all the windows and put the fan on to try to warm the house up a bit. I think it's working. A storm is rolling in, so I hope that the house will warm up before I've got to close the windows again.

The cats are excited to see us, which is always nice. I figure every time we leave them, they never know if we're coming back or not. Sometimes they're on their own for a few days, sometimes a whole week. If we're going to be gone longer than a week, I usually get one of my friends to check in on them. But they've always been fine on their own for a week. I haven't seen any signs of destruction, but then I went immediately to rest on the sofa after opening all the windows. Sometimes they knock stuff over while we're gone, sometimes they don't.

Terry is incredibly happy to be back in VA. He really was out-of-sorts in NJ. I'm less partial either way, I could've enjoyed a few more days shopping, but it will also be nice to make some more progress on decorating the house down here. Terry is going to construct the storage closets in the master bedroom tomorrow. I'm going to work on my quilt so I'll be ready for quilt club on Friday. We also have to put together "birth bundles" before our class Friday night. But I got an idea what to put in mine, so it shouldn't take me long.

I'm not sure what we're going to do tonight. We're usually a little discombobulated whenever we first land in a new location, it takes us a day or so to get our bearings. We got our projector back from the manufacturer the day before we left, so maybe we'll set it up and watch something on Blue-Ray tonight. That would be cool.