Late Start On The Quilt / Death to Fiat Money

So much for my plan to sew a lot today. I decided it would be a good idea for me to check the markets after breakfast and update my charts, since I don't want to miss any sell signals. I made a mistake staying in oil so long, and I don't want a repeat with the financials or cubes.

Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but after updating my charts and checking the markets, I got lured into reading blogs about the gold standard, and watching a very good video (I recommend it, but it's at least 20 minutes, I didn't time it, it loads in installments so I don't know the exact total. When one section finishes, you'll see thumbnails at the bottom of the screen so you can watch the next several minutes):

I'm so irritated at the Fed. Inflation is such a nuisance, I would much prefer to be on the gold standard, so $100 today is worth $100 in ten years. Then we wouldn't have to waste SO MUCH TIME chasing yield on our deposits and citizens could spend their time on more productive matters (like making quilts).

I wound up reading more about monetary policy, the bailout, etc. on a number of different blogs, and discussing it all with Terry. He's had his panties in a knot about the Fed for a few months now, but the injustice is just now starting to sink in for me.

And here it is, dark outside so I'll have to use artificial light to cut my quilt pieces instead of sunlight, and maybe I'll have to choose between sewing my pieces together and watching the comedy shows on NBC tonight. Since I've got to have the pieces at least cut before I go to quilt club tomorrow. And I haven't made my "birth bundle" yet, and since I might not be able to return home between quilt club and class, I guess I've got to have that done by 11 am tomorrow. Hmm. If it weren't for the Fed, I'd have all that done by now.